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                                FREE PRODUCT SAMPLE KITS

                                Are you wondering if Trim-Lok's products are right for your trim and sealing needs? Make a confident decision by first trying our free kit of sample products.

                                Choose the category of products that fits your needs below, and request the product sample kit.

                                BASIC SAMPLE KIT

                                Includes plastic Edge Trim and Rubber Seal

                                VARIETY SAMPLE KIT

                                Includes Trim Seal, plastic Edge Trim, Drip Rail, Locking Gasket and Rubber Seal

                                RUBBER SEAL SAMPLE KIT

                                Includes three D-shaped EPDM sponge Rubber Seals and one P-shaped Rubber Seal

                                LOCKING GASKET SAMPLE KIT

                                Includes One-Piece and Two-Piece Locking Gaskets, and black and chrome Locking Keys

                                VARIETY 2 SAMPLE KIT

                                Includes Rubber Edge Trim, Rubber Seal, Flexible Trim, Trim Seal, plastic Edge Trim & Edge Guard

                                UPHOLSTERY TRIM SAMPLE KIT

                                Includes nine J-Clips made of non-break PVC plastic



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