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                                Fender Flare Trim

                                Fender Flare Trim

                                What is Fender Flare Trim?

                                Fender Flare Trim is among the best car and truck accessories in the market – not only will it enhance the appearance of your vehicle, but fender flare trim improves functionality by adding extra tire coverage. Since they're helpful in blocking road debris and preventing rust, rubber fender flares and fender trim molding are a great way to keep your vehicle’s fender safe and protect the body of your car. Trim-Lok’s Fender Flare Trim is the best way to ensure that your fender flare causes no damage to the rest of your car body.

                                What does Fender Flare Trim do?

                                Whether you're a city driver or prefer traveling off the beaten path, harmful road debris can easily damage your vehicle. Rocks fly up and hit against your vehicle, mud and dirt splash up when you drive through puddles. Over time, these random bits of debris can pile up and deteriorate your car exterior, particularly on your vehicle’s fender. And even when fender flare is added to a car, these bits of debris can build up between the fender and body, causing damage to the body over time.

                                Fortunately, you can protect your automobile’s fender and body by installing fender trim from Trim-Lok. Our fender trim is installed before the fender flare to protect the body, isolate vibration and provide an attractive finish, as well as keep out any mud, stones, or other small pieces of debris. Regardless of its placement, all Fender Flare Trim products engineered by Trim-Lok are easy to install, require no drilling, and can be cut to the length you require.

                                Is there a difference between Fender Flare and Fender Flare Trim?

                                While fender flares (occasionally referred to as fender flairs) are designed to prevent mud and other road debris from splattering on the sides of your vehicle, fender flare trim give the flares a finish and protects them against wear and tear, stone chips, and the elements. Manufactured with EPDM rubber that mounts between the flare and body, Trim-Lok's rubber Fender Flare Trim creates a solid bond between two surfaces and adds protection and a clean finish.

                                Since 1971, Trim-Lok has been the number one supplier of rubber seal products, including fender flare trim, fender trim molding, and fender guards. Ordering fender flare trim from Trim-Lok is easy: our fender flare trim comes in a 500 ft. box with one 500 ft. roll, and the more you buy, the more you save. Small quantities are available from Trim-Lok Authorized Distributors. All Trim-Lok products are proudly made in America, using only the highest quality materials. With easy application and a professional finish, all Trim-Lok fender flare trims are guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations.

                                Fender Flare Trim X1663BT

                                Fender Flare Trim X1663BT

                                Fender Flare Trim is an ozone resistant EPDM Rubber that mounts between the flare and the body. 3M automotive grade tape creates a solid bond between both surfaces.






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